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Our Vision

BANJA UMODZI means “One Family” in Chichewa. Family is the heart of our vision. Families are the first and most important support networks in our lives. When we fall, they lift us up. When we stumble, they help us regain balance. They see the best in us and shine light on it. The concept of family is not simply a nuclear one. Our families extend far beyond this. They encompass those we trust, depend on and grow with. They include our friends, communities and villages. They are our fellow travelers in life’s journey.

At BANJA, all those we partner with become our extended family. The goal is not simply to lend a helping hand, but to build futures together. We invest in people and communities not just to be charitable, but to lift up our extended family. For us, this is a duty and responsibility.


However, our vision is not paternalistic. We do not dictate from lofty perches. We listen first. Try to understand the need. Gain a sense of what is already working. Then ask if there is a way for us to help. A way to make things better. Then we get to work.

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