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Build Homes

Banja helps revive communities by building flood-resistant homes in distressed areas. The effort originally began with a two-fold purpose: provide housing for those left homeless after floods and create an asset that could be passed down to future generations. Beginning with the most vulnerable village members, the elderly and single mothers, Banja has on average built about 5 homes per year and hopes to expand its capacity in the years to come. In addition, the strategy focuses on hiring local builders and painters to help support the local economy. 

House 1 AFTER_edited.jpg

Water Wells

Among the most challenging issues for communities is access to clean drinking water. 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to water, and a total of 2.7 billion find water scarce for at least one month of the year. In Malawi, many people often have to walk an hour to just collect water. Sometimes this presents additional challenges for women who report being harassed and even assaulted on these trips. In 2021, Banja dug its first hand pump, water well in Mulanje. It will provide water to 185 families. Another well is scheduled to be built in the summer of 2021.

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