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In 2015, Malawi was hit by devastating floods that ravaged a significant part of the country. Over 200,000 people were displaced, many lost their lives and tens of thousand were left homeless. Banja began crowd sourcing funds to provide emergency relief, focusing on Matanya village between Phalombe and Mulange in southern Malawi. Eventually, Banja expanded its efforts to include the village of Manola as well. In the process, they were able to deliver 7,740 kg of maize (ufa), 812 kg of beans, 330 blankets and a variety of other supplies to over a thousand people.

In 2016, Malawi was faced with yet another natural disaster when a drought was exacerbated by the El Nino weather system. On the front lines of the real impact that climate change is having, over 2.8 million people, including 1.5 million children were impacted by the food crisis that ensued. Banja stepped in again to provide emergency food relief for over a thousand people in southern Malawi, relying on generous contributions from donors around the world.

Flood Relief
Drought Relief
First Delivery - Ufa.jpg
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